Hamden Connecticut Youth Basketball

Sponsored By:   Healing Hearts LLC
Hamden, CT
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The Hamden Fathers' Basketball Association was founded in 1955 in association with the Department of Parks and Recreation. Our league is designed for boys and girls from 5 up to 17 years of age and teaches the game of basketball in a positive environment that promotes fun for the entire family.


Our mission is not only to teach the fundamental skills of the game but also to teach the important values of sportsmanship and teamwork from an early age. Hamden Fathers' Basketball welcomes diversity, as well as encourages fairness, respect, and acceptance among our players.


Many of our games are competitive, which makes for a very exciting championship season! Our games are on Saturdays beginning in December and continue through our championship events in March. In addition to our regular teams, we offer a travel team for players who wish to compete at a higher level.


We kick off the season with an exciting Opening Night each year and have All-Star games and Championship games. We encourage parents to come out and support their children by attending our games and events, and are always more than happy to welcome new players and parents to the Hamden Fathers' family!