Hamden Connecticut Youth Basketball

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Hamden, CT
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The Hamden Fathers' Basketball Association depends upon mature, respected, dependable volunteers to work as coaches, assistant coaches, and in other leadership capacities for the good of the youngsters and the organization itself.

This Code of Ethics has been prepared and approved by the association to assist you to better understand your responsibility and privileges and to offer you suggestions which may help you carry on this important task.



All association officials, coaches and assistants must:

1.      Be alert to the physical safety of players and spectators.
2.      Be consistent in handling players and problems so standards of conduct may be established.
3.      Be willing to encourage rather than humiliate players in front of their teammates and spectators.
4.      Properly condition the players to the extent that they can safely and adequately meet the physical demands of the sport.  A thorough warm-up for example, should precede each practice and game.
5.      Be constantly alert to the opportunities that they have to help the players develop desirable habits and attitudes such as promptness, clean living, good health habits, responsibility, leadership, cooperation, self-discipline, sportsmanship and fair play.



All association officials, coaches and assistants must:

1.      Be conscious that they set a personal example for youth both on and off the court.
2.      Insist that sportsmanship be a major emphasis in the game.
3.      Create an atmosphere of respect for authority, rules, game officials, etc.
4.      Be dependable to the youth and the association.

5.      Become familiar with and adhere to association rules as well as those of the game.
6.      Not vocally interfere with or position him so as to interfere with the playing of a game while a coach or a spectator.
7.      Not humiliate or degrade the opposing team by unnecessarily building a margin of score that is inconsistent with Paragraphs B#1, 2 and 3 playing rules regarding 15 and 20-point leads.



      All association officials, coaches and assistants must:

1.      Notify the insurance agent representative or other delegated officer of injuries sustained by player-leader personnel within 48 hours of such an accident.
2.      Properly protect association equipment and promptly return same when asked to.  Teach protection of Town property also.
3.      Realize that attendance at association business meetings is as important as participating in court play.
4.      Cooperate with and be willing to assist the association in as many of its functions as possible without injury to his personal or business life.
5.      Speedily comply with all rulings and regulations of the association.
6.      No individual shall speak for the association (either verbally or written) without the association's consent.

Under possible penalty of ejection from the game, all players, coaches and assistants shall not:

1.      Argue with any spectators or association members.
2.      Raise their voices, above normal speaking tones, to the referee or any opposing players, coaches or assistants.
3.      Continue any dispute longer than 3 minutes.
4.      Heckle any opposing players, directly or indirectly.
5.      Conduct themselves in any other manner, which may bring discredit to the association.
6.      Use of profane, abusive or vilifying language toward anyone on or off the premises of the playing court.
7.      Allow more than one coach to discuss any point in question at any given time.

   Any player, coach or assistant coach who is involved in a fight will automatically be ejected from the game and will be suspended for the next game as well.

The action of players, coaches, assistants, officials and league officials must be above reproach and must at all times reflect credit on the association.

1.      After a violation is reported to the Ethics Committee, the Committee will have the power to dismiss or give a warning to the offending coach or coaches on the first offense.

Any coach, assistant coach or other representatives of the Hamden Fathers Basketball Association willfully striking another person during any association function shall be automatically expelled from the Hamden Fathers' Basketball Association.

2.      Process for reporting a member in violation.
a.      Fill out the reporting form.
b.      Report must be turned in to a member of the Ethics Committee or to a member of the "E" board within 72 hours after the violation.
c.       The Committee will take action within seven (7) days of notice, and will give all parties notice at least 24 hours after the report has been received.
d.      It is recommended that the coach notify the officials so they will have recall of the situation.

The coach and assistant coach must sign this page.  Then please return to your league director.

Code of Ethics

I fully understand and will adhere to the sentiments expressed in the Association Code of Ethics.



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